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Stone Oven and Its History

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Stone ovens have been used for centuries to heat and cook. The ovens, the most useful home items, have also been used as kitchens for a long time.

It is difficult to cook foods like bread, pita, and lahmacun in a stone oven, but the food takes its best form in terms of quality and taste when cooked in a stone oven. As Flatbread Turkish Bakery House, we strive to serve you the best pide and lahmacun.

Historical Significance of the Stone Oven

Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and Turks generally used ovens made of stone or brick. These mainly were filled with wood and used to cook bread. Nearly all homes had an oven to heat the place and cook the food. These were also used for pottery and making bricks.

Features of Turkish Stone Oven

The Turkish stone oven is made with refractory bricks and is insulated so that there is no heat loss when used. The oven is heated with wood or gas.

You can’t get enough of our pita, borek, and lahmacun, which were made by us using handmade doughs!ade!

What Can Be Cooked in a Stone Oven?

Stone ovens can cook a wide range of food, including pita, lahmacun, borek, tray kebabs, and bread. It improves the taste and makes it more crusty. At Flatbread Turkish Bakery House, we cook our food in the stone oven and serve it to our valued customers. Some of the food we serve are:

  • Pide (Turkish Flatbread)

  • Kir Pidesi (Turkish Calzone)

  • Lahmacun & Cheesemacun

  • Borek

  • Boyoz

Flatbread Turkish Bakery House

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