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A Dream! Turkish Cuisine

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Turkish Cuisine is a rich cuisine, historically influenced by the Ottoman palace cuisine and geographically influenced by the Balkans and the Middle East. To learn about Turkish cuisine, it is necessary to look both historically and geographically. Let's start with the historical part.

Turkish Cuisine History

The beginning of Turkish culinary history dates to 200 BC. It has developed and changed since early times.

The cuisine during nomadic times also differed from when the Turks adopted sedentism. In nomadic times, meat-based foods were eaten. Later, when the Turks settled, different vegetables and grains entered the history of Turkish cuisine.

For the sake of continuity, only male animals were slaughtered, and the meat obtained was dried for long-term storage. The basis of dried meat and pastrami products, frequently consumed today, goes back to those days.

Turkish Cuisine Today

Turkish cuisine varies a lot with different regions and cultural transitions. It varies from soups to meat dishes, from vegetable dishes to desserts.

Tarhana soup made with dried vegetables is one of the rare values of Turkish cuisine. It is made by mixing different vegetables and spices.

Another unique example of Turkish cuisine is dolma. It is prepared after filling various vegetables with products such as rice and meat. It has a wide variety of shapes and examples. The most common ones are made with pepper, eggplant, or zucchini.

Don't forget the kebab varieties. It is one of the best-known examples of Turkish cuisine.

Desserts also play an important role in Turkish cuisine. Its most widely known dessert in the world is baklava. It is one of the best examples of this type of dessert, formed by baking the dough rolled out in layers.

Turkish Cuisine in Scotland

Undoubtedly, pita and lahmacun are a big part of Turkish cuisine. It is prepared by adding meat and cheese flavored with spices to the thinly rolled dough and cooking it in a stone oven. We can say that it is unmatched in terms of taste and authenticity. As Flatbread Turkish Bakery House, we bring you the most authentic products of Turkish cuisine in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you want to taste the best products of Turkish cuisine, come to Flatbread Turkish Bakery House immediately.

Flatbread Turkish Bakery House

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