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Secret Gem in Edinburgh

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

It is now very simple to find local delicacies in Edinburgh. From Pide to Lahmacun, from local breakfast to Borek... These magnificent dishes cooked in a stone oven are waiting for you.

Are You Ready for Time Travel?

A journey of taste from the past to the present. You can come to Flatbread Turkish Bakery House and taste these flavors that have been cooked in stone ovens for centuries and contribute to the nutrition of many civilizations.

"Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and Turks generally used ovens made of stone or brick. These mainly were filled with wood and used to cook bread. Nearly all homes had an oven to heat the place and cook the food."

These magnificent foods, which these ancient cultures consume tirelessly, are cooked in stone ovens in accordance with their originality.

Flatbread Turkish Bakery House, which hosts different tastes with its wide product range, is honored to welcome you.

Dine In or Take Away

You can choose one of the lahmacun or rich borek varieties cooked in a stone oven by placing meat kneaded with spices on a thin dough.

If you love cheese, you will find the best in Flatbread Turkish Bakery House.

For the most outstanding examples of Turkish cuisine, it will be enough to take a look at our Menu page.

Secret Gem in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, we bring you the unique tastes of Turkish cuisine with discipline, diligence and respect, we do our job with love and we think that we deserve your respect.

As Flatbread Turkish Bakery House, we bring you the most authentic products of Turkish cuisine in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you want to taste the best products of Turkish cuisine, come to Flatbread Turkish Bakery House immediately.

Flatbread Turkish Bakery House

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